Can I join religious order (i.e. become a nun or sister)?


I graduated from an university about an year ago, and now I am working for the same university that I used to study at.
While I was a student, I studied hard to maintain a high GPA; study kept me very busy so I had relatively a smaller amount of time to think about vocation…I wanted to be a nun since I was in high school but my parents and teachers kept insisting me that I should attend university, so I listened to them.

But now that I started working for the university, as a worker, the thought of becoming a nun re-surfaced. I worked for the university for about 7 months now, and I do enjoy the unique working atmosphere and my co-workers but something (don’t know what exactly it is) makes me wonder if I am meant to be a nun or religious sister.

I think I will have a spiritually fulfilling life by living as a nun, but one thing concerns me - I am taking some medications to control some mental-related issues. I am not seriously ill, like my doctor has been keep telling me that I am a very rare case and that he hasn’t seen a patient who is doing so well both academically, socially and in term of work. The mental issues I have is not preventing me from function well but I am taking a medication to prevent minor hearing hallucinations. I never see things and my mood never swings from one extreme to another, if I don’t take the medication I just get the impression that people around me is keep judging me or saying bad things about me…

Do you think I can become a nun or religious sister?



What you wrote in your post needs to be discussed with the religious orders you are interested in.


Dorothy is spot on.

You can be called to be a nun or a sister. Contact some communities you may be interested in, and then you can see what they require. You might want to find a spiritual director.

God has called everyone to the religious life, depressives, those with anxiety, the most social of people, and the deaf and the mute. They’ve all been there. Remember this though, the golden rule in this regard: God will put you there if he wants you there.


In order to put your mind and soul at ease, I agree that you need to contact the orders that you are interested in and speak with the director or vocations about your hopes, dreams and issues! Good luck, and I’m praying for you!:slight_smile:

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