Can I join the KofC at this point?


I’m a practicing Catholic, or trying to be since coming back, and would like to join the KofC as my first step to being more involved outside of going to Mass and hanging out here on the forums.

But… My wife is not catholic and is going through the process of getting her first marriage annulled so I can come back in good standing and receive the sacraments. Since our marriage is not currently OK’d by the Catholic Church, does anyone know if I am allowed to join the KofC now or do I have to wait until the marriage is annulled?

The rules it seems state you have ot be a “practical” catholic, what does that mean. It seems to me that any KofC member could be in a state of sin and still be a “practical” catholic so would that also include my situation?

If not I will have to find another way to be involved or just wait.

Thanks in advance


I don’t know why not. How long have you been Catholic?? All you need is a sponsor from someone in your local council


I’ve been catholic since birth, 42 years, just not active for the past10 years, but working my way back to being active and practicing.


DH is a Knight. The Knights are required to be in good standing or proper standing with the Church. An irregular marriage would keep you from becoming a member until the marriage is regularized.

Contact your Knights, they have events and activities that are open to men who are not yet members - so, you can get to know them. I am sure that there are great men there who will provide you moral support as you wait out this period of time.


When you get to the point of being in full communion with the Church then is the time to join. You will be asked are you in a practical Catholic as recognized by the Church. To me that means receiving the sacraments on a regular basis. You don’t have to be saint, but that helps.

When you get to that point all you have to do is contact your local KC Council and find out when their next initiation is. The person who you contact can act as your sponsor. If you know a KC member they can sponsor you as well.

Good Catholics make better knights, and the KC makes good Catholics into better Catholics. We would be glad to have you join us.


I would suggest getting your relationship with Jesus Christ in order, before thinking about joining any organization, regardless of how good they are.

Your desire should be to follow the will of God above all else.

This requires a surrender of yourself completely to God. You no longer follow your agenda, but God’s. Prayer is the only path to learning to surrender.

I suggest if you haven’t already, developing an active daily prayer schedule and following it. Learn to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, and pray the Morning and Evening Prayer, every day. Get your wife to pray it with you. Learn to pray the Rosary contemplatively. Of course, receive the Sacraments when you are able to.

Remember, your first ministry is being a good husband and father. This takes precedent over all other ministries in the Church.

Above all, ask God where HE wants you. It may not be the KofC, but some other area, where you will be doing God’s work, more effectively.



You’d think after 42 years I might have a handle on this, but I don’t and have much to work on. Thanks for the information and I will heed your advice. My family comes first, true. I am trying to set an example for the family, wife and children are Presbyterian, with my actions and activities.

Thank you


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