Can I just stop worrying about mortal sins?

My confessor has gotten to the point where he just tells me to stop worrying about committing mortal sins. Can I even do that?

Perhaps you are going to him frequently with imagined sins. Do you often think you are committing mortal sins when doing every day things? Do you have complusive or intrusive thoughts? (These are rhetorical questions for you to consider).

If you tend towards scrupulosity, make an appointment outside of limited confession time to talk to him one on one about getting regular spiritual direction so you can properly discern what is and is not sin, let alone mortal sin.

I talked to him once, and he said to stop worrying about committing mortal sins. Should I listen?

You should ask him what he meant. We were not there, we do not know the context of what he was talking about.

Of course we need to be concerned about our sins. You may want to find a different confessor if the one you are going to says we do not have to confess mortal sins, or that mortal sin does not exist.

You should make an appointment to ask him about this. He may be a priest who is not terribly concerned about sins–by the grace of God these priests are rare now–or he may be concerned that you are showing signs of scupulosity, in which case, you should discuss it with him. If you are comfortable with him, yes, listen to him. Otherwise fijd a priest you feel comfortable with.

By comfortable, I do not mean that he agrees with you, but that you trust he is concerned enough about sin that he will guide you correctly.

Worry is a tool that the devil uses. Our goal is to avoid all sin.

These posts seem contradictory. He has “gotten to the point” based on talking to him once? You call him “my confessor” even though you’ve spoken just once?

Or have I misinterpreted? Do you mean that he is your regular confessor but you’ve only spoken about this particular issue once with him?

As underacloud stated - these posts sound contradictory…So I checked some of your other postings…

It is pretty evident from your posts here that you are struggling with scruples. Three threads just today on this subject…and getting pretty much the same reply to every thread.

For this reason I think I can say with great confidence that you absolutely SHOULD
listen to your confessor.

Be guided by this man who has your greatest good at heart.

And I will go even further and say that I agree with him…You need to stop worrying about mortal sins…
Right now your spirituality is turned all around backwards. Instead of looking up to the Narrow Gate and keeping your gaze fixed on God’s Love - and seeking to live that Love toe the best of you ability…you are looking down at the pit and worrying about every step that you take as though the narrow path is not a path at all but a tight rope…

Our faith is not a tight-rope over a flaming pit - - - It is a narrow path - true - but lined with glorious flowers and trees and friends. It is firmly set upon the very basis of all that we need which is Love - God’s Love for us that we need only embrace and let it flow into us and then through us into the world.

God does not wish you to fear Him…What father wants their child to fear them? God Loves you and only wishes for your Love in return.
Sure there can be elements of fear when we are very young and our parents are “authority” figures in our lives…but we must grow and replace that fear with knowledge and with respect and with Love.
God wants you to grow - He wants you to stop being afraid - He wants you to understand how to live well based on His Love…not on the fear of punishment…

Your confessor understands this and the first step in learning how to grow is to stop worrying so much about mortal sin.

Lift you eyes…Know that you are a beloved child of God…not some prisoner dangling over a fiery deaths…That is not what being a Christian is about…

Locus on Love - - and obey your confessor…


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