Can I live with my ex-husband who I'm going to remarry?

I am currently living with my ex-husband, but we plan on re-marrying. He is Catholic and I am Mormon, but I am going to convert. We got married a few years ago, civilly, but neither one of us had gone through the annulment process from our previous marriages. Then I was unfaithful and had an affair, but he forgave me and took me back, but then we divorced anyway. Now we are still living together and sleeping in the same bed and we are both working on our annulments from our previous spouses, and then we plan on remarrying in the Catholic Church. Should we not be sleeping in the same bed or living together until we are married again?

From what you have told me here, it appears that you and your ex-husband were never married in the eyes of the Catholic Church. And you are now no longer married in the eyes of the state. Unless there is substantial reason why you should live together pending a valid marriage (e.g., for the sake of children), I can only recommend that you not sleep together or live together. If there is substantial reason for living together, I can only recommend maintaining separate rooms. Look at it this way: Practicing the chastity expected of single people now will better prepare you for resisting in the future the temptations to marital chastity to which you once succumbed.

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