Can I look up spells and how they are performed?


Hello! I am a Roman Catholic and I’m curious if I can look up spells and how they are performed for book I am writing. I ask this because I’ve been told that some websites can lead to bad places ( I can become possessed and so forth). Especially when looking at stuff that relates to satanic, pagan and etc. So I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. What should I do?


Sure, it’s called research


you can look up spells rituals. No one can stop you. I wouldn’t. I think you will put yourself in harm’s way. If it is for a book your writing why not just elude to the writing and rituals. Unless you are writing for academia keep a measure of mystery in your book.


I wouldn’t.
You also have to take into account - your readers.
You just may pique - a readers curiosity - to the dark side !

I have even heard Priests say -
we shouldn’t read too many books concerning exorcisms and such.
Just keep to God - was what he said.

An old guy at church said I needed to watch a movie -
The Exorcism of Emily Rose - but no way !
He was surprised at my reaction…'it’s a very good movie. Makes you think ’
No way !


I wouldn’t either, it’s temptatîon and plays into the enemy’s hands.

It’s far easier to stop a sin from arising than to deal with it afterwards.
God bless.


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