Can I make my own prayers to God?


I am a new Catholic and I am memorizing many of the prayers that we say daily, I pray Our Father, and Hail Mary every night and throughout the day. I am also learning the Rosary, I am learning other prayers too. Two Questions,

  1. Do I have to have rosary beads with me to pray the Rosary
  2. Can I personally pray my own prayers to God as well?


There are several ways we can “pray” but we have to remember that prayer is, first and foremost, communication with God. THere are times when we can recite memorized prayers, and these are most effective when we want to pray for something but lack words. However, God longs for us to develop a relationship with him. We can talk to Jesus as if he were our friend sitting right beside us. We can ask him for specific things, or even just vent to him as if he were our best friend. So yes, you can use your own words, and I personally think using your own words is a very important thing to do.

As for rosary beads, it is my thinking (not fact!!) that you can pray the rosary without beads. The beads just serve a s a physical reminder to pray, add a tactile relaity to the prayer, and help you remember to say it right. (was I on the 7th or 8th hail mary??) lol, you get the idea. :wink:


No to the first question: you do not have to use beads when you pray the rosary. They are helpful though both to help you keep count and to help focus and quiten the mind (rolling the beads in one’s fingers seems to have this effect). However some people carry a rosary ring instead which can often be attached to a set of keys. Sometimes if I’m in a church and I decide to pray the rosary but I’m without my beads, I just count on my fingers!

To answer your second question: yes, you can most certainly make your own personal prayers to God. This is just one of the ways we can pray to the Lord - others, as you know, include the Mass (the greatest of all prayers), the Divine Office, the rosary, quiet meditation, Lectio Divina, eucharistic adoration… the list goes on. Sometimes I find it easier to just use my own words to speak to God - especially if you have some very specific intentions to pray for. I would aim for a good balance of several types of prayer - it is always good to talk to God, but it is equally important that we set aside time to listen!


I agree that you don’t need the beads to pray the rosary. There’s an online version where you can click a box as you go along. I have a link on my cell phone as well. I use it for when I’m at work or someplace else where I can pray it spontaneously. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I have gotten out of the habit as of late. I went a pretty good 2 year stretch where I prayed it daily. I carry my rosary everywhere I go, but I haven’t prayed it for a while. Don’t know why.

As far as making up our own prayers…I was taught that it’s okay to peak to God as if he was a friend. I like thinking of God as my friend. Is there a song in that?


Absolutely! Prayer is a conversation with God and when we are in a group we typically pray common prayers that we all know ( or should know ). When we pray alone using your own words is great. Remember this is a conversation with God, but allow some quiet time to hear what He is saying to you. This may take some time to develop but just do what you can.
As far as praying the rosary do not worry whether you have the beads with you or not. If you have the desire to pray the rosary, pray it. I spend a lot of time walking my dog and I use this time to pray the rosary and instead of the beads I use my fingers to keep track. Please remember to try to reflect / meditate on the mysterys. As Our Blessed Mother loves to hear us pray the rosary, She points us to Her Son. As you send your petitions to God I would ask that you keep me in your prayers as I have some important decisions to make and I need God’s direction.


Dear Linoge1,

As for Rosary beads, there are many who say they’re helpful. So I’d say try using the beads if you have them handy. If not, that’s okay too. :slight_smile:

As for praying in your own words, yes, God wants to hear from you! As my grandma once put it in her enthusiastic Irish way, “Pray like God is everyone in the world who LOVES YOU !!!” :heart:

Sometimes I can get real silly while praying in the Adoration Chapel, like walking in and noticing the color of the glass candle covers that match the liturgical time of year. For some reason, they remind my imaginative mind of Kool-aid flavors! So I walk in and pray, "Oh Jesus, you look SO BEAUTIFUL surrounded by lime green Kool-aid candles! (or cherry red, or grape, you get the idea … ) :o And then I pray about how Jesus in the Eucharist surrounded by candles is the Light of the World and doesn’t really need all our tiny little flames, but that God the Father must smile down on the priests or altar servers who light them in order to please Him.

~~ the phoenix


Just beautiful :slight_smile:


Lol, I count on my fingers at night!

I believe that if you pray the Rosary on one that’s been blessed, you gain an indulgence.

And yes, specific prayers are REALLY good when you can’t think what to pray, and I’ve got a few prayer books.

If nothing else you can always recite:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God
Have mercy on me, a sinner.


Linoge, you have my prayers as you journey into the Church. The only thing I have to add is a comment I heard from a priest on what he says when questioned why Catholics pray the Rosary. He explains to them that praying the Rosary is praying the Gospel.


Wonderful! :slight_smile:




Hi, I’m a new Catholic, too, but I think the prayers that are in your own words make God your Father smile the most.



if you have them, that’s cool, but you don’t NEED them… you can also use your fingers :slight_smile:

  1. Can I personally pray my own prayers to God as well?

yes of course! :slight_smile: I personally combine the two… I sometimes pray Church prayers, and other times use my own words. It works :thumbsup:

God bless!


‘Formula’ prayers are instrumental in learning your faith, group prayer, and very deep meditative prayer time, etc, and are a good starting point for developing a relationship with the Holy Trinity, the Holy Family, the communion of saints, your whole heavenly family, etc.

‘Personal’ prayers supplement, complete, enrich, and deepen your relationship with your whole heavenly family. Imagine showing up in heaven not knowing who anybody is, or them not knowing anything about you?:slight_smile:

God gave us 10 fingers so that we have no excuse not to say our Rosaries . . . :smiley:


I like that about :slight_smile:

hehe… Kool aid candles! :smiley: Sometimes I say things like that too, that are just associations in my mind. isn’t it great that God always understands our prayers. :slight_smile:


Lol! That’s great; I like that :D.


Hahaha, I can’t think of any Rosary more blessed than the fingers of a baptized Catholic :smiley: :thumbsup:


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