Can i miss Mass for this and not sin? need answer ASAP

I have a tooth ache (my fault from not wearing my mouth guard–i grind my teeth) and it is pretty bad. Extends from almost to my ear all through part of my neck. Its all over one side of my mouth but radiates from one tooth.i took tylenol this morning and it didnt help. Then i ate and it gpt 100x worse. (Like it was last night) and now it still hurts. So then i took aleve and hope fullly that will help. And im in a seriously bad mood as a result of that and other stuff. :frowning: and have been snippy with everyone all day. And now i just really want to stay home. Can i without committing a mortal sin or should i just tough it out and go? Also i need to go to Confession… i knownu can miss if ur sick, so does this constitute that?

You sound like you are in a great deal of pain, and I would consider that the same as if you were sick.

If you stay home, perhaps you can either see or hear Mass on radio or TV. It doesn’t fulfill your obligation, but you would be excused for being incapacitated. And say a rosary as you rest.

Im gonna go ahead and go now. Those aleves are helping now. Still isnt perfect, but i can ignore it now! Thanks!

Before you go out, have someone go to the drugstore and buy some clove oil for you. Moisten a cotton swab with it and apply it to the tooth that hurts and the gum around that tooth. It will give you temporary relief.
Be careful not to get any clove oil on the inside of your mouth or tongue, because it will burn.

Maegan, imagine the pain of Christ on the cross - without Aleve to help! Rather, our Lord demanded to suffer the unimaginable pain of all sin for all time - out of His love of us. You may offer any and all pain up to our Lord on the cross at mass for the good of any purpose - the holy souls in purgatory, for example.

See your dentist, that much pain is not normal even if you do grind your teeth. You might have a cracked tooth or something. Glad you got to go to confession and Mass.


We cannot tell you if you are too ill to go to Mass. Only YOU can decide that.

The fact that you took an entire paragraph in a convoluted explanation of your situation really reinforces other threads of yours that seem to indicate some scrupulosity issues.

PLEASE talk to your pastor for help and regular spiritual directino.

I would agree that only you can decide if you are too sick to go to mass though in the future if your mouthguard prevents this from happening you should wear it so you do not miss mass.

I agree with this.

It certainly sounds like a valid reason to miss Mass (and, more generally, to see a dentist ASAP). If it worries you, confess it the next time you go to Reconciliation, but don’t let it worry you unduly.

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