Can I pray for intercession that they may ask for intercession


Not that I have but can I all for the intercession of Some saint to ask for the intercession of another to ask for the intercession of Mary?


I sometimes have conference calls with patron saints if my intercession request is in two parts but involving the same thing. I don’t believe either is wrong.


Why would you have to do that? Just ask each of the saints to intercede with God. They all have a direct line to God and the prayers are all directed to Him. You don’t have to play “telephone” to pass messages up some chain of saints.


It was just a theoretical question😂


Well, as the other person said, you could do it, but it seems a bit silly.


I thinks so. One of my older brothers prays for the souls in purgatory and as part of the prayer he asks that any soul that gets freed from purgatory that they in turn pray for souls in purgatory.

I’m not sure if that’s how it works or what you meant but yeah


Though by not asking Mary directly - does this imply you believe (hypothetically) that Mary won’t listen to you but will listen to saints? Does that seem problematic


That’s not what I was trying to say. I just was thinking how ridicolous that would be


All the saints are one in the Body of Christ, and the will of each saint is nothing other than the will of God, … so I think there is no advantage to asking one saint to ask another saint to ask God. :thinking:

But conference call (addressing two or more saints) sounds like a good idea.


Thanks Beryllos, there are also multiple saints for some patronage’s, so I bring them all in. (Different technique) A directory can be found here:

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