Can I pray for intercession?

I was wondering what the process is for asking someone who has died to intercede for you? I believe the founder of the monastery, Boniface Wimmer, may be a saint, but I’m not sure. He has no miracles attributed to him, but I feel as if I am a kindred spirit of Boniface. I have a very special connection to the place he founded. I grew up there, went to college, met my wife, got married, and spent lots of time getting to know Jesus there. Can I ask for intercession from someone who has not even considered blessed?

Any help you could offer would be much appreciated! Thank you and God Bless.


Yes, Catholics in their personal spiritual lives are free to have devotion and seek intercession for any deceased person they believe to be in heaven. Not being declared a saint simply means the Church has not declared the individual to be in heaven and official public worship cannot invoke the individual. However these restrictions do not apply to Catholics in their personal prayer life/spirituality.

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