Can I pray for the repose of George Washington's soul?

This is all hypothetical of course. I heard that heaven and purgatory exist outside of time, so would it be reasonable to pray for people who have died many years ago? If time does not apply to the deceased then praying for the repose of George Washington’s soul would not be so different than praying for someone else’s soul who has recently passed.

Why stop at Washington. I prayed for Lenin when I visited Moscow:D

Yes you csn this is what Padra Pio also used to do. I know he used to pray for his great great grand father who dies 100 years before. So yes you can do it.

No harm in trying. :thumbsup:

Yes, it is a great act of charity to pray for the dead. If he is still in purgatory, your prayers will certainly help him. If he is already in heaven, your prayers will help someone else. No prayer is ever wasted. In turn, he will pray for you.

Yes you may, a good thing to do. :slight_smile:

Of course you can. No prayer is ever wasted.

Prayers for those in Hell are wasted.

Was that directed at GW?

hahaha! No. The poster said no prayers are wasted so I said that prayers for anyone in Hell are wasted. I was not implying that is where Washington is.

I sometimes pray for the repose of Pope Innocent III’s soul. He asked for prayers so he doesn’t have to spend a long time in purgatory. :shrug:

Wasn’t George Washington Episcopal?

Prayers for those in Hell may not benefit those in Hell, but they are not wasted, because they benefit us through helping us grow in charity.

You can pray all you want. Whether it does any good or not is a separate matter altogether.

I have also always thought that since we do not know who is or is not in Hell, any prayers for someone who was not saved would be applied for the souls of those in Purgatory, in the same way prayers for those who are already in Heaven would be applied.

I saw you were British so I was wondering…:rotfl:

Read my posts. I said prayers for those in Hell are wasted. In other words they do not benefit anyone in Hell.

Yeah, well since we can’t know who is or isn’t in hell then we should assume our prayers are worth offering.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t know what specific individuals are in Hell, praying in general for all those in Hell (whoever they are) are totally wasted. Nobody in Hell benefits from our prayers.

I think I understand what you’re saying now.

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