Can I pray for this?


I don’t want my wife to be horrible to me but I think I would rather her be horrible all the time than be nice and then be horrible. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells whereas I would know where I stood if she was never nice to me again.

I don’t want her to be a horrible person or horrible to others I just don’t like worrying what awaits me.



I have no idea what you just said, but I recommend you move on with your life and never wish ill will upon anyone.


It sounds like marriage counseling is needed for you two. Get an objective analysis. Find the root cause for the problems: monetary, psychological, religious etc.


Conversation is needed. Forgiveness is needed. Counseling is probably needed.
Do not be afraid. Approach everything in charity and kindness.


Dear Nelka, marriage is difficult sometimes, especially if you find yourself married to someone who is critical or demanding, leaving you walking on eggshells, because your spouse can quickly turn on you, often unexpectedly.

Though that is very hard to deal with, please don’t pray or hope for her to always be on the attack. I do understand the effect that has on a person, living with someone with that nature, how upswing it is.

You try your best, and in the next moment your head is bitten off, sometimes for a trivial reason.

You have to think whether ther is any way you can protect yourself and act positively instead of negatively, I don’t doubt that you pray about it.

Offering a prayer for you both.


Praying for you, your wife & marriage. Maybe counseling is in order.


horrible people don’t like to pray, prove to yourself and to her that she is not a horrible person and each day, just for like 50 seconds, pray the Our Father together.

Of course, a husband and wife can share a rich, deep, profound, wonderful prayer life, but if a couple is not in the habit of praying together, we can start with baby steps.

Often, people who are considered “horrible” are living for themselves. Once a heart and mind changes to live for the love of Christ, the horror just vaporizes away. See if we can start pouring a little love in her heart, drop by drop, day by day, little by little, a little love will counter a mountain of hate.

And, I’d hate to be the devils advocate, but sometimes when others are horrible, it’s because we ourselves are horrible but we ourselves are blind to our own horror. Not saying that you, specifically are horrible, just offering a bit of advice to look inside before looking outside (splinter and plank). Ask for grace and wisdom for the strength to be an instrument of God’s will in your wife’s life. Keep loving her, even if you don’t feel like it, LOL (love is enacting for the true good of the other).


I also suggest marriage counseling.


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