Can I pray the rosary this way?

I get very distracted when I pray vocally and try to meditate at the same time. For this reason the rosary is quite a struggle for me. The other evening I decided to medidate on the mysteries without saying the prayers. I lost myself in them in a way I don’t usually if I am praying vocally. I spent a short time on each mystery, and it was longer then praying ten Hail Marys because I felt so caught up in the mystery and was almost reluctant to leave it to go on to the next one.

I have a good imagination and pictured myself in the scene, and imagined myself asking questions of Mary about her experience with the angel, and wondering how she felt on the way home after the presentation – maybe she knew then that not everyone was going to love Jesus and this was a very great sorrow – is this an okay way to pray the rosary? I cannot do this if I am praying vocally.

Your meditation practices are fine. But to pray the rosary, you need to actually pray the rosary. Perhaps you could say the mystery, do your meditation, and then pray the prayers of the decade before moving on to the next mystery.

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