Can I pray the rosary?


I was wondering if it is okay for someone who is considering converting to pray the rosary…


Absolutely! The rosary is often a great help to those who are searching. As a private devotion, it has no restrictions on who may pray it.

While you’re at it, pray for me!



Ditto, ditto, ditto!!! :slight_smile:


you can never go too far wrong with prayer!! :thumbsup:


Yup! You should definitely pray the rosary. Even some Protestants pray it.


You can definitely pray the rosary, it’s a beautiful prayer…I pray it everyday, I’m a convert…God bless you:)


Even though your question has been answered many times above, I thought I would share this little story:

Roughly 2 years ago, right about the time that I was preparing to receive the Easter sacraments for the first time, I was browsing through the local Catholic bookstore when a man walks in and begins ranting and raving out of the blue about how deeply frustrated he is that he can’t find a church that would baptize him as soon as he would liked to have been baptized, which was fairly immediately! For 15-20 minutes he bickered with the lady who ran the bookstore about all the red tape which stood in his way of being baptized while Jesus and his disciples baptized all people without any confirmation classes or RCIA. Well, after the lady got him calmed down, she convinced him to start praying the rosary on a regular basis so that he might discern how God was calling him.

The following Fall, when the new RCIA catechumen and candidates were enrolled, he was among them!


There was an article in Time magazine a few years back about the number of non-Catholics who have discovered the rosary and were praying it on a regular basis. You do not need to belong to a particular denomination in order to pray the rosary.


Praying the rosary regularly is an M.O.V. lane fast-track way to become Catholic.


If you love the Bible, then you will love the rosary! Pray it early, pray it often!! :thumbsup:


What everyone else said! I did exactly that when I was entering RCIA. Go for it!



When I pray the Rosary ,I feel connected with my innerself(I am not sure if it makes any sense).Keep praying,you will see.

Peace be with you all.


Oh yes! It is fine for someone who is converting to pray the rosary! :thumbsup:


Hey thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Truly, truly appreciate it.


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