Can I pray this outside of the Mass?

Through Him and with Him and in Him…

I don’t recite it in Mass as it is for the priest only but would be good for me to pray sometimes at home after some prayers or use of Holy Water.


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While adding some kind of ending to your personal prayers is typically no big issue whether they come from a Mass text or not, I would not, because this phrase is uniquely suited for the Eucharist. It is a theological statement of how Jesus can ultimately be the sacrifice that redeems mankind.

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I think that is a beautiful prayer and see no reason why you cannot say it. I say it in a whisper along with the priest at Mass and I am not alone. Through Him, with Him and in Him. all glory and honor is Yours almighty Father forever and ever. Amen p.s. Good to see your back and alright, prayers were with you. God Bless :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:

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