Can I pray to win the lottery?

My stepfather believes it is wrong to pray to win the powerball lottery. I do not believe him. He says it is selfish. But I have a very clear and well thought-out plan on how to use the money and who to share it with. So is it wrong to pray to win the powerball jackpot?

I’m not so much concerned about your prayers as with your “very clear and well thought-out plan.” To occasionally imagine what you would do with millions of dollars if you won the lottery is harmless and can be a lot of fun. But to put serious thoughts and plans into how you would spend a fortune in the unlikely event you should win big can only, at best, distract you from real life. At worst, it could lead you to invest money you can’t afford and then to put your faith at risk in the more-likely event that your prayers go unanswered and your money disappear.

While there is nothing wrong with occasionally buying a lottery ticket and promising God to share responsibly should you win, no one should ever plan his future around hitting a jackpot.

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