Can I read a Qur'an?

Hey everyone! So, I’ve been thinking of reading the Qur’an for scholarly reasons. I’m not going to convert to Islam. I don’t want to and I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. I just want to know more about the religion in general and I feel like it’s beneficial in this world, considering what’s happening in the Middle East. Is this detrimental to the Catholic religion, Am I committed a sin in doing so?

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Yes you can read it.

Yeah, you should read it.

In my opinion you probably shouldn’t read it. It could cause you to acquire some misconceptions about God.

I am uncertain about how well you know the Catholic Faith. While it is not sinful per se to read the Koran as a scholarly document, you may wish to find introductory material, particularly from a Catholic perspective, so that you properly understand how what you read in the Koran differs from or compares to Christian teaching.

Read it, of course! I read the koran years ago - Unless you are very easily swayed by anything you read, you will enjoy the experience of reading about how other people think!

Plus, as a military officer, I believe it is critical to understand the thinking of those who we are fighting).

(I’ve also read the Talmud - after all, our root religion is Judaism.) By the way, the Talmud is MANY volumes - but you can buy the koran as a paperback.

One thing you’ll learn if you pursue the Koran is that most Muslims are adamantly against translating the Koran into other languages–the original Arabic is beautiful, and considered to be inerrantly “revealed,” on a level of comparison to the Incarnation of the Word Christians affirm in Jesus. So what you can (and should) read is a “translation,” which is less-beautiful because it never translates cleanly into English, and less authoritative.

You can read it. No, it’s not a sin.


[INDENT]There is an exhausting version of the Quran online ( – which includes an English translation, Arabic original, and chanted Arabic version. If you listen to the chanted version, you can pick up a sense of the poetry.

The Hadith (sayings of Mohammed) is also a valuable text. You can find it on

I would recommend that only educated Catholic read these teachings.

It’s best to start out reading what the Church teaches about Islam. One such source is “What Catholic Should Know About Islam” by Sandra Toenies Keating. You can find a PDF of if on I hope this information has proven helpful.

God bless.


I read it when I was young and impressionable. It still didn’t have even a minimal impact. I remember talking to a Muslim who was pulling the old “have you even read the Koran?” It was nice to be able to respond in the affirmative. She was rather incredulous that I was still fully Catholic.

So yes, you can read it. No, it isn’t a sin. I am sure your faith can withstand it. If you believe in the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, honestly it will make your blood go cold in the parts he wrote later in life (the Koran is not in chronological order).

If you’re just reading it in order to figure out what Muslims believe, I am pretty sure it’s not wrong.

Also, if you’re trying to get a good feel for what Muslims really believe, you would need to find a commentary by a respected Ulema (Legal school of scholars). You won’t find any useful information in the vast majority of texts written by evangelical Christians and even Catholics.

It’s an extremely varied and interesting religion to look at.

While you’re researching on Islam, it is worth looking at the devotion many Muslims show to the Blessed Mother. Mariam (Arabic version of Mary) is one of the most mentioned names in the Q’uran.


There is an exhausting version of the Quran online ( – which includes an English translation, Arabic original, and chanted Arabic version. If you listen to the chanted version, you can pick up a sense of the poetry.

I’m sorry … I meant to type exhaustive, not exhausting. My apologies.


I would say that if you would like to be able to speak about Islam with any credibility, then you should read it. If you have no interest in expressing an informed opinion on the matter than no, you shouldn’t.

There is absolutely nothing wrong, not even a sniff wrong, with reading it for scholarly purposes.

Perfectly legitimate to read, but I would not do so on a plane. Just a thought.

LOL. + 1! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t even bring it through the TSA!

Seriously, I’d only read it while in a good rapport with a spiritual advisor, in case you become confused. IMNAAHO


I read it and it made me more Catholic than before, its like day and night to Catholicism.
Some parts made my blood chill with the ruthless sayings, very opposite to the Peace that Our Lord Jesus Christ proclaims .

No problem to read the Quran. Like one can read the Odyssey.


Sadly true.

My friend a Muslim had actually never read the Quran before (atleast I don’t think he ever did because he told me earlier he couldn’t read Arabic) until we discussed our both faiths. When he finally showed me his new English translated version, he had it covered with plain white paper cover. I didn’t question him why though.


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