Can I read from the Gospel at Mass?

I have been asked to do a reading at a funeral mass and im not sure if im allowed to do this one. The family have asked me to read the second reading which is from the New Testament, but it is also one of the Gospels. The Gospel according to John, (There are many rooms in my Father’s house.) Is this ok as i thought only the priest could read the Gospel.

if this is during Mass or a funeral service in Church led by the deacon, you will not be allowed to read the Gospel, that is reserved to the priest or deacon.

If this is a wake service at a funeral home, not the funeral service itself, you could read a selection from the gospels if there is no ordained minister or religious to do it.

Thanks for reply annie. Im not implying I would be taking the priests place in reading the Gospel but that the second reading would be from the Gospel of John. That would’nt be right would it. Thanks again.

no, it would not
the family may choose from among a number of readings, but the priest chooses the gospel, and the other two (if there are two) are from the OT and the rest of the NT that are not gospels. Period. they may also choose the responsorial psalm which may be led by a cantor, if there is one, or read by someone such as yourself. You are very kind to do this for them.

The priest must read the Gospel reading, but the family can choose the Gospel reading. When my DH died, my children and I chose everything, including which Gospel reading the priest would read.

Think thats the answer im looking for annie, you have been a great help and thank you.

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