Can i read this book?

I have a book called Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion Through Mary’s Intercession by Christine Watkins. The book is based on the Medjugorje apparations. Which I now know are not yet Church approved. Now Im pretty sure were not allowed to discuss them gere (not sure why though) but can i still readthe book?? Its about people who lived very bad lives turning to God through Marys prayers. But it is quite a bit about Medjugorje, am i good to read it? Thanks!!

I just PM’d you about this book.

God bless!

Just from what I’ve been able to find out I would say it’s okay to read. Why? Well, even though it doesn’t have a Imprimatur it is published by a Catholic press and the author at least claims to be Catholic and is a speaker on Catholic topics. Now if the book was published by Random House or something I would really question it but I think you’re fine.

This is my two cents just looking at the evidence on the copyright page. Amazon Link

And the author’s website

She is listed as a staff member on a project called “PARISHES IN ACTION A COLLABORATION OF
the Diocese of Oakland, Catholic Relief Services and
JustFaith of the East Bay” on the Oakland Diocese website here

Ok thanks!

Yes, the same Catholic publisher that publishes classics such as God Has No Religion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that all their books are bad of course. They do publish some really great books as well. My point is simply that being published by a Catholic publisher does not necessarily mean it’s going to be a book worth reading.

As for this particular book, I cannot say. You have to know yourself and whether something like this could threaten your faith. I cannot answer for you whether this would threaten your faith.

I’ve read several books on Medjugorje written by those who support it. They were uplifting at the time I read them (many years ago now). But if the Church condemned the apparitions tomorrow as being a trick of the devil, I’d not hesitate to follow that determination and back the Church 100%. If you can do the same, then you will probably be fine. However, if you feel like you’re the type who could easily get swept up in such things and would be unable to let go of it all should the Church determine the appartions are not authentic, then I would recommend avoiding it.

I am completely open to whatever the Church determines. If they say it is a trick of the devil then I will also back the Church 100 percent. :thumbsup:

I read that book. All of the people in it had their lives totally turned around by Mother Mary and Jesus. It is very uplifting. It was about that as much as Medjugorje. It is a quick read and definitely worth reading for that reason.

It was amazing! And yes a quick read! I read it in like 3 days! :smiley:

That was fast. :slight_smile:

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