Can I receive a blessing at Communion with a mortal sin?

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Back in Octobierish I got myself into masterbating. It was accidental at first because I didnt not realize what I was doing was masterbation, I was simply curious about it down there and decided to explore I guess, which I very much regret doing. When I found out what I was doing was a mortal sin (although in that case it was venial since I wasnt completely aware) I went to confession as soon as possible.I felt really dirty when I found out.

I lasted a while without doing it burt I kept getting into the mindset of those impure thoughts. Its been an off and on struggle. mostly on though. A month ago I did it again two days ina row and just recently I allowed myself to give into the sin instead of lovoing God and resisting.

I didnt completely realize that receiving communion with a mortal sin was a sin as well, although I did wonder and should have researched it so it doesn’t cancel out the sin. Ihavent gone to confession yet and i meant to before easter but didnt. I wasnt trying enough to prevent the sin in the first place and I know I need to go to confeession and I plan to try getting there tomorrow or saturday.

Sorry for the long backstory but anyways, **since I cannot receive Communion can I still go up and receive a blessing?**I have morning daily Mass tomorrow with a friend and I would like to know if I can receive a blessing vs just sitting in a pew? Also any advice to help me out with this sin I would be very grateful. I know I need to go to confession and will do so asap so please dont mention how ii need to go. If anyones been in the same boat and could tell me how you overcame/are overcoming would be helpful too

The practice of receiving a blessing in the Communion line is somewhat controversial, at least in the US. I would recommend remaining in the pew unless this is one of those parishes where walking up for a blessing is encouraged by the priest who is celebrating the Mass or by the pastor. If you had more time, you could ask the priest or pastor for his opinion on this practice, but in the absence of such guidance, I would assume it is not encouraged.

To answer your specific question: You can get a priest’s blessing even when in a state of mortal sin.

Just my 2 cents:

EVERYONE receives a blessing from the priest at the conclusion of Mass.
All people, non-Catholics, Catholics…**everyone. **
You’re already receiving one at Mass.

Get to confession as soon as you can and ask the priest about it. I’ve always been under the impression that anyone can go up for a blessing, but I could be wrong. Personally, I don’t see the wrong in it but there are some on here who know a lot more than I do.

At Communion…the people on line waiting to receive Communion. I only see little kids with their parent getting a blessing from the priest.

As Pianistclare said, everyone gets a blessing just being at Mass. Why bring attention to yourself at the altar?
I realize it’s embarrassing to sit in the pew while all the “saints” are going up to receive.

I rather sit there than commit a sacrilege!

Plus, we don’t know why people stay back, and it’s not our place to speculate. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Some are not Catholic. Some are awaiting reception into the Church. Some are waiting for their First Holy Communion. Parents take children up because they can’t be left unattended in the pew.
I have never understood why people think they’re getting something “extra” by simply walking up there. We’re all in the Presence of Jesus Christ at Mass.
Even to the last pew. :wink:

(This is not about the original question, which was directly answered in Post #3.)

For background on the pros and cons of blessings in the Communion line, I found this Q&A with a couple of follow-ups:
Blessings for Non-Communicants
It’s rather long and scholarly. I didn’t read every word, and I was surprised that there is so much to think about.

is it sacrilegious to walk up to the Blessed Sacrament during adoration while in the state of mortal sin? Or should one leave before benediction because that can be sacrilegious?

LK 5:31-32

Being in the presence of Jesus is not sacrilegious. We are not to receive Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin, but being in the presence of the Lord is always a blessing.

the OP was asking about receiving a “blessing” not “Holy Communion” - I’m just merely pointing out that coming up to Christ during communion and receiving a blessing is nothing scandalous nor sacrilegious as some might think…

Yeah…I didn’t mean it was a sacrilege to go up for a blessing…I meant it is a sacrilege to receive communion, in a state of mortal sin.

Now, why go up for a blessing, as Pianistclare said, you are blessed during the whole Mass.

My point was …not to be the only one sitting in the pew…the person will ‘fake it’ by going up for a blessing & not actually receive.

It seems no one has been willing to help you out in the area of your masturbation problem, unless they have pm’d you. Since I can’t identify, I can’t help directly, but I think you should have a serious discussion with your confessor about this and try to find some literature on overcoming habitual sins.

Also, prayer and frequent confession and communion should help to arm you against temptation, but I know it is not easy. You need to stay close to Jesus and frequently ask for His help. I hope someone will help you a bit more. I know how hard it was to quit smoking, so I can appreciate what you are going through.

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Remember that we all receive a blessing at the end of the Mass with: “May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Go to Confession, but if its an emergency you may have the communion.

Well, I for one like to maintain a 3 to 12 hr fast, if this can’t be done, I usually abstain from receiving. I do like to take the toddlers up to receive the Eucharist, as they are fully initiated.

I don’t think so ! :nope::hmmm:

If its an emergency a priest may administer eucharist to someone whos in a state of mortal sin. For example if I was dying in war from a gun wound and i was catholic who hadnt practiced in years the priest could administer communion and give me a blessing and sacrament of the sick. I hold my views the same as the pope. We are willing to welcome you back into the church once you decide to change your misgided views.

Peace be with you.

John 3:16

The priest would first administer the anointing of the sick, which can absolve mortal sins if there is no opportunity for confession, then give Communion.

They give the benefit of the doubt in some cases, but if there is not the proper disposition, then the sanctifying grace is not received.

CIC Cann 1006
This sacrament is to be conferred upon sick persons who requested it at least implicitly when they were in control of their faculties.

CIC Can. 1007
The anointing of the sick is not to be conferred upon those who obstinately persist in manifest serious sin.

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