Can I receive communion and then go to confession?

Is it possible to receive communion on Easter and go to confession when it is available? There will be so many following Saturdays after Easter that confessions will not be offered, and I really can’t tell if I am in mortal sin or not. I am going to be blunt and honest, my,‘habit’ sin is curse words and bad jokes and sometimes about people. It’s just a habit. It just doesn’t seem ‘that bad’ to me, that is just me, I’m a nut! I joke tons, I always imitate people of my race to make people laugh, I cuss to exaggerate sometimes, mostly the,‘a $s’ word, it has to stop. My small parish has no confessions ever. so I have to go to another one. What must I do so I can receive if confessions are not available? Or should I just not? :frowning: Ill be unworthy either way, this is frustrating.

Even if your parish does not have scheduled Confession, maybe you could catch the priest before Mass?

If you think that you may be in mortal sin, you will need to confess before receiving the Eucharist. Maybe you could receive Holy Communion later on in the Easter season instead?


If you committed a mortal sin and are not in a proper disposition, it is a sacrilege, and that is probably one of the worst sins one could commit!

If you cannot confess before Sunday but you repented with sincere sorrow for having offended God, then sanctifying grace has probably been restored, even though you are not properly disposed to receive the Lord. Thus do an Act of Spiritual Communion and offer the sacrifice and the longing of love to Him in reparation for the countless offenses and sacrileges perpetrated against Him in the Holy Eucharist. This is very worthy and humble.

But I am sure you can find a way to confess before Sunday. Knock again and again at the judge’s (priest’s) door and eventually he will open if it be God’s will.

Now, please let me add that that in all honesty, curse words and bad jokes probably won’t add up to a mortal sin…:slight_smile: They may reflect an imperfection and some lack of charity, but a mortal sin is a grave offense, something that literally kills your soul. Confession is called a Sacrament of the dead for a reason! So unless you really injured someone this way or your directed them towards God, I doubt this is ground for mortal sin :slight_smile: But hey you can and should talk to a priest even if for whatever reason he can’t confess you. This way you will know for sure if you can go! :thumbsup:

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