Can I receive Communion at Mass?


I am an Evangelical who married a Catholic who became an Evangelical. I am considering converting to the Catholic Church. At Christmas this year we will be visiting my husband’s family and attending the Christmas Mass (I have never attended one). Can I participate in the service as a born-again Christian? Can I take Communion? Should my husband since he was a Catholic? How does one go about becoming a Catholic?


Yes, of course.

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[quote=mommy2boys]Can I take Communion?

No. Ordinarily speaking, non-Catholics should not receive Communion at a Catholic Mass.

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You may, however, make a spiritual communion by praying for unity with Jesus Christ and with the assembled community. If you notice others going up to receive a blessing by the priest – by approaching the altar with arms folded over the chest – you may also receive a priestly blessing if you wish.

[quote=mommy2boys]Should my husband since he was a Catholic?

In this situation, no. Since he has left the Catholic Church, ordinarily he should not receive Communion unless and until he decides to return. He too may make a spiritual communion and, if others are doing so, receive a priestly blessing.

[quote=mommy2boys]How does one go about becoming a Catholic?

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