Can I receive communion with prior marriages?


I have been to Reconciliation and was received absolution for my prior marriages. Does this mean that I am free to remarry and receive the sacraments?

There are a few scenarios with differing answers.

If your marriages were considered invalid, then yes you are free to receive communion after confession. This would mean that you were a Catholic or married a Catholic and were married outside of the Church. Catholics are bound by canon law to be married in the Church or to receive a dispensation to be married elsewhere, failure to do so renders the marriage invalid.

If you were not a Catholic at the time of your marriage then any marriage you entered into was indeed valid. You would need to either married to your first spouse or be completely divorced. While in the state of divorce you would not be free to marry, you would be able to receive the Eucharist after confession.

If you are currently civilly married to someone who is not your first spouse, then you would not be able to receive communion until you received an annulment for each marriage previous to your current one.

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