Can I receive Communion?

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My question is regarding whether I am able to receive Communion considering certain facts. My wife is a Mormon and I am a cradle Catholic who only recently has begun going to church again. The only difference from when I was attending Mass years ago and today is that this time I am educating myself about church history and its practices so that I can worship outside of ignorance, which was what I was used to doing before. So, my wife and I were not married in a church, but by a minister (a Protestant) in a rented hall. Because of this, is there something I must do to get my my marriage blessed inside the Catholic Church in order to take Communion? My wife is a devout Mormon, but she is willing to do whatever is required for me to take Communion again.

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You need to go to confession and have your marriage convalidated. After that, as long as you are in a state of grace you can receive Communion.

Confession will bring you back to a state of grace, for not going to Mass all these time, and for the other sins you have committed.

Having your marriage convalidated means your marriage will now be recognized by the Church, so you will not be living in sin.

Thank you so much for your response. I indeed plan to go to Confession. However, what is the process for having my marriage convalidated?

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Speak to the pastor at your parish.

Welcome Home!!!

Welcome Home!

Learn some apologetics and teach your wife about the faith! :blush:

Your first step is to get an appointment with the pastor of your parish. He will walk you through the steps. As long as neither of you was ever previously married, it’s relatively painless. :slight_smile:

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