Can I receive Communion?

I recently joined the United Methodist church. I miss mass and taking communion in the catholic church. I have been through RCIA. Can I still receive the eucharist at mass or should I not because I joined another denomination. Thank you.

Sincerely Louise26

Dear Louise,

I’m afraid not. To receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church, one must be a Catholic. You say that you joined another denomination. The Catholic Church does not consider itself a denomination. It is the only Church that was actually founded by Jesus and therefor was the first Christian Church. At 1.9 billion, it is also the largest. The majority of Christians on earth are Catholics. I can understand your missing the Eucharist in the Catholic Church since is it the very body and blood of the Savior. Nothing is worth more. I pray that you will be able to receive Him in the Eucharist again.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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