Can I receive communion?



I was baptized in a Catholic Church when I was baby. I remember attending catechism. However I never completed it and so never did my first communion. For the last ten years I’ve been attending a prostestant church, but lately I have been attending Mass and Catholicism is making a comeback in my life.

Can a person like me receive communion. Or would I have to complete the catechism and get confirmed first before receiving this sacrament for the first time. I have done it in a prostestant church. I understand that is not the same thing. I’ve been studying the scriptures for a while now and I am not clueless in this department. I’m not sure if knowledge of the scriptures is a pre-requisite to receiving communion.



I do not believe at this time you are able to fully participate in the Mass by receiving communion.
My suggestion would be to visit with a priest in the parish you reside and speak about enrolling in RCIA.


Normally you would go through a period of preparation before receiving the sacraments. In your situation, RCIA would prepare you for the two sacraments of initiation you need, Confirmation and the Eucharist, as well as for the sacrament of Reconciliation. After preparing, you would receive Reconciliation followed by Confirmation and the Eucharist. The pastor at your local parish can give you all the information you need. Welcome home!


Thank you so much for your replies.


You must have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation before receiving Eucharist for the first time (NDC 36, B2). So you will need instruction and for that I recommend that you ask your pastor.
1457 According to the Church’s command, "after having attained the age of discretion, each of the faithful is bound by an obligation faithfully to confess serious sins at least once a year."56 Anyone who is aware of having committed a mortal sin must not receive Holy Communion, even if he experiences deep contrition, without having first received sacramental absolution, unless he has a grave reason for receiving Communion and there is no possibility of going to confession.57 Children must go to the sacrament of Penance before receiving Holy Communion for the first time.58


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