Can I Receive Communion?


I was married outside the Church for close to 50 years and drifted away from the Church. A dozen years ago, I returned, but because of my civil marriage I have not been able to receive Holy Communion.

My husband died several months ago and I am now a widow. Is it possible for me to now receive Communion, since in the eyes of the Church I am no longer a married woman?

Thank you in advance for your comments.


I would consult with your parish priest. However, it is my understanding that you may recieve communion after you have gone to confession. Do what ever the priest tells you.

God Bless


I am sorry for your loss.

A past marriage outside the Church does not bar you from the Sacraments. You should only need to make a good Confession to return to Communion with the Church.

Christ and His Church will welcome you back.



I’m so sorry for your loss.

You need to go to confession and once you are absolved you may return to Communion.

God bless.


thank you everyone.


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