Can I receive sacraments in an Orthodox Church and remain Catholic?


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The local Catholic Church where I live is, well, its uncomfortable. The building was hot off the assembly line at Vatican II (built 1971) built in the fan shape and all. The priests often commit liturgical abuses and those attending seem more intrested in text messaging than the Holy Mass. The people there are oftentimes unfriendly, it is noisy before Mass (silence isn’t kept), the hymbook is just chock full of touchy-feeley “woship songs” of the 1970’s, oftentimes the priest saying Mass can’t speak proper English (very heavy Scandnavian accecent).

A short distance down the road is a Greek Orthodox Church. The building was built in the 1990’s, but the interior is a beauty of icons. I have a great love for the Eastern traditions and the Divine Litrugy of the Eastern Churches.

I don’t really understand the situation of a Latin Rite Roman Catholic taking the sacraments in an Eastern Orthodox Church. There isn’t a Byzantine Catholic parish in the area and the other Latin Churches are unfamiliar.

Can I take the sacraments in a Greek Orthodox Church and still remain Catholic?


Can I take the sacraments in a Greek Orthodox Church and still remain Catholic?**

No. You must be Orthodox to receive the Eucharist in an Orthodox Church.


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We which just talking about that, actually:

The simple answer is that, generally speaking, no you’re not suppose to.

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Here’s another link about it:


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