Can I receive the Eucharist if I have not been confirmed?

I was just restored into communion with the Church through the sacrament of reconciliation. As a child, I went through the sacraments of initiation up until holy communion, and I believe reconciliation. However, I did not receive confirmation. Am I allowed now, at this point in time, to receive holy communion prior to confirmation?

Yes, you may certainly receive Communion, provided you are in a state of grace, which you have implied.

Confirmation is a separate sacrament; I encourage you to speak to a priest about receiving it when possible, but you may receive Communion in the meantime.

You should really go talk to your priest, it’s important that you begin a personal relationship with him. He can help you more if he knows where you’re at and where you’re coming from. Also, if you haven’t been confirmed you should be. Read up on what Confirmation is and what it does. There are no unimportant sacraments, they all work together to save your soul.


Yes, you may receive, so long as you are in a state of grace. However, I highly recommend you arrange for a Confirmation, as it is a very important sacrament.

Assuming no other impediments, such as being in an invalid marriage, etc., there should be no problem.

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