Can I receive the Eucharist if I haven't fully forgiven someone?


I was away from home for 3 months, while I had my baby in the US and visited my mother. (my husband and I live in Mexico). While I was away, my husband… did things he shouldnt have done. I am angry and hurt and sad. I have decided to forgive him, but it takes time to heal. I can say i haven’t fully forgiven him since at times I feel angry at him. but I do want to forgive him, I just feel it takes time…

Can I still receive communion?


Of course you can. You have forgiven him in your will, which is a lot more than other people would. Your emotional recovery of trust naturally takes a lot longer but is no sin.


I got great advice from a priest about forgiveness. It is not the same as reconciling a broken relationship. You have a right to be angry with him for what he did. Forgiveness is about desiring for the person who wronged you to repent, turn to God and be received into everlasting joy. Praying for him is the best medicine. God Bless


Keep in mind that if you have forgiven them in your will then you have truly forgiven them. Forgiveness is an action, not an emotion. You might want to go to therapy or counseling for dealing with the emotional issues involved. I have found counseling to be very helpful for me with various issues in the past.


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