Can I receive the Holy Eucharist twice in one day?

I sometimes go to church in the morning with my mom then in the afternoon i go with my dad. Can i receive the Holy Eucharist twice in one day. I know that people who serve the masses are allowed to do so but I’m not sure if i qualify because I’m not serving in the choirs or anything like that.

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You may receive the Eucharist twice a day so long as one of those is at a Mass.

Actually it is the second reception that must be at a mass they are attending. It isn’t merely that one of the receptions be at mass. (canon 917). Exception is viaticum.


Thanks for the reply! Where would you receive the Eucharist other than in the mass though?

As @1ke mentioned, Viaticum.

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At a communion service or along with a sick person receiving communion at home or in the hospital, something like that.

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Here’s the rule(s):

YES you can receive the Holy Eucharist twice in one day but the 2nd time MUST be at Mass. If the first time is at Mass, at a sick visit, at a nursing home visit, whatever that’s fine but the 2nd time MUST be at Mass.

The reason I know is because I had to ask this very question of my Pastor a while back. I had received when my Father was in the nursing home that morning and was at Mass that afternoon and wasn’t sure so I asked my Pastor. He told me what I told you above.


Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

And actually, it is a good thing in some instances to receive twice on the same day. Case in point, you attend the daily Saturday mass and receive, and then you attend the Saturday night vigil fulfilling your opportunity to receive on Sunday. Or you attend Saturday daily mass and then attend a wedding or funeral later in the day. No problem, I think the good Lord would be smiling.


We need a sticky

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So question; if one goes to part of Mass or no Mass and receives once in a weekday is that fine? Basically is that allowed of he doesn’t plan to receive a second time? But if he receives a second time it must be at a Mass; so can the first time be in any context without planning for a second time?

Why does the second time have to be at

Because the Eucharist isn’t “fast food.” The aim is not to receive communion as many timers a day as you can. The Church recognizes that someone may receive the Eucharist outside of Mass and makes provisions for that. But if you’re receiving for the second time in a day, it should be because you’re participating in a Mass.

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See canon 917:

I often receive twice on Saturday. In the morning, I go to the Saturday Mass and then in the evening, I go to Mass for the Sunday.

Yes, you may receive twice in one day, as long as the 2nd time is at Mass. In other words, you can’t receive a second time at some communion service or from a extraordinary minister bringing communion to “shut-ins”

God bless

I understand the Eucharist is not “fast food” and we are not to receive the Eucharist too frequently, but I don’t understand why the second time has to be at Mass. Why can’t it be Mass in the morning and Holy Communion in the afternoon. Does my question make sense? I understand no more than twice a day, but why does the second time have to be received at Mass?

At least part of the reason (I’m saying this without having looked at the conversations surrounding the formulation of c. 917) was that the allowance for a second reception centered on those times when the faithful would attend more than one Mass on one day, e.g., a Saturday morning Mass and then the Mass of obligation for Sunday, two Easter Sunday or Christmas Masses, Chrism Mass and Mass of the Lord’s Supper, etc. The original relaxation from the old law (one reception per day, except in a couple extraordinary situations), then, was for another reception at another Mass. There was never an allowance given for a second reception at anything other than Mass (except for viaticum and times when there was a danger of profanation of the Eucharist–these are the extraordinary circumstances).

The 1983 Code got rid of all the individual allowances for a second reception (see, for example, the 1973 document _Immensae caritatis_and its many scenarios) and just said a second reception is permitted as long as, in accord with the origin of the permissions, the second reception was at a Mass.

The faithful are never required to attend a “Communion service” but they are sometimes fulfilling obligations by attending a second Mass in one day. It is fitting that they receive Holy Communion at such Masses.


Good Friday. GF is not celebrated as a Mass, but the Communion is part of the liturgy.

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