Can I recieve Communion??


I was baptised catholic but never went through first communion and confirmation and I am 23 years old. I just recently started going back to church and I am raising my duaghter catholic. Am I allowed to recieve communion during mass even though I am not a confirmed catholic?


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I’m sorry, but no you’re not allowed to receive Eucharist. You’ll have to go thru RCIA to make your 1st communion and confirmation. A person in charge of RCIA at your church will be more than happy to talk to you and tell you all about RCIA and joining. :slight_smile:


You cannot receive Holy Communion until you have first spoken to your Pastor. He will set up a means for you to receive instruction as an adult for First Reconciliation and Communion and Confirmation. When you are ready he will give you permission to go to Confession and then receive Holy Communion and be Confirmed. This may take the form of the RCIA process.


Some research before seeing the priest may be helpful.

The process is outlined in the book “Rite of Christian Initation of Adults” (RCIA). The RCIA introductions for England and Wales: . Download the PDF and go to page 39.

Here is an extract:
376 The following pastoral guidelines concern adults who were baptised as infants but did not receive further catechetical formation nor, consequently, the sacraments of confirmation and eucharist. …
377. … A programme of training, catechesis suited to their needs, contact with the community of the faithful, and participation in certain liturgical rites are needed in order to strengthen them in the Christian life.
378 For the most part the plan of catechesis corresponds to the one laid down for catechumens (see no. 75,1). But in the process of catechesis the priest, deacon, or catechist should take into account that these adults have a special status because they are already baptised. …
381 The period of preparation is made holy by means of liturgical celebrations. The first of these is a rite by which the adults are welcomed into the community and acknowledge themselves to be part of it because they have already been marked with the seal of baptism.
382 Once a rite of reception has been celebrated, these adults take part in celebrations of the word of God, both those of the entire Christian assembly and those celebrations arranged specially for the benefit of the catechumens …
385 The high point of their entire formation will normally be the Easter Vigil. At that time they will make a profession of the faith in which they were baptised, receive the sacrament of confirmation, and take part in the eucharist.”


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