Can I recieve the sacred eucharist?

Hi hope you’re all well.
Just a question about something I’m unsure of. I have been baptised and confirmed in the Catholic church in my early years and attended the church each week. I believe in the teaching of the Catholic church with all my heart.
However, for a time I went to church of England services. I’m back at a wonderful Catholic church. Can I recieve the eucharist despite formerly going to an Anglican church? Many thanks and blessings.

According to what you have written all you need to do is go to confession and then you should be ready to receive. Please take time to talk to the priest about your history just to make sure. Welcome home and God bless.


You will need to make a confession before coming back into communion if for no other reason than not fulfilling your Sunday mass duty. If you are like the rest of us you will have other things to confess as well. welcome back

Welcome back!

If you have been baptized and confirmed, you just need to make a good confession. Perhaps make an appointment with your pastor.

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