Can I replace a godmother who has left the Church?

My child’s godmother has left the Catolic faith and become a Seventh-Day Adventist. How do we treat her as a godmother in light of these developments? Also, is it acceptable to allow someone else to take on the role of godparent?

Because the godparent is an official witness to the baptism, it is not possible to replace a godparent who has left the faith. Assuming that your friend does not attempt to proselytize your child into Seventh-Day Adventism, to the extent that she is capable of participating in your child’s Christian formation, she should continue to do so. Who knows? Perhaps supporting your child’s Catholic formation will be a channel of grace for renewing her own Catholic faith. That said, you and your child will likely need to seek out a Catholic for spiritual support and assistance in Catholic religious formation. If you know of a well-formed Catholic whose spiritual maturity you trust, you might ask that person to become a spiritual mentor to your child. In time, your child might ask that person to be his or her confirmation sponsor.

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