Can I return to the Catholic church if I have joined other churches?

I have joined 2 other churches (Methodist 20 yrs) (Baptist 4 yrs) and I am not a member of the current church I am attending (5 years) I was married out of the church. If my spouse of 32 years expires. Could I re join the catholic church? I did not mean for this to Happen. I love God with all my heart, my soul, my mind, and my strength, and I love my neighbor as myself.

Of course you can. Please contact your local priest to schedule a meeting and confession with him. He’ll be overjoyed to hear the news.


Yes of course you can. Set up an appointment with a Priest ASAP.


Yes, absolutely you can. Don’t wait until your spouse expires, go to confession today. Tell Father everything and he’ll guide you on the best way to handle the whole thing. :heart::pray:


You do not need to wait for that to happen.

Talk to your local Catholic pastor about resuming the sacramental life and steps that will be necessary.


that’s nice to hear thank you

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Please come back.

As far as your marriage, if neither of you have been married before, it’s almost a certainty that the marriage could be convalidated in the Church. And even if one or both of you have been married before, don’t lose hope — the Church will do everything in her power to help regularize your situation.

Call your priest first thing tomorrow morning and tell him everything you’ve told us here. Don’t forget to mention the marriage — that’s important.

I shall have you in my prayers this day.


Welcome home! I was in a similar position when I returned to the Church after an absence of 27 years. I had also married a non-Catholic outside the Church.

When I met with the priest he was overjoyed to welcome me back. Because I had married outside the Church I had to get that taken care of before going to confession.

Because it was a first marriage for both of us it was a matter of a little bit of paperwork and a wait of about a month to get permission to marry in the Church (convalidation).

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Of course you can return to the Church at any time and I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Read Luke 15: 11-32.

You can do it now. Please do not wait until your spouse has died.

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