Can I skip Mass to go hiking in the mountains?

I am planning for a weekend hiking trip on Memorial Day weekend and can’t make it to Mass in the mountains. What is my option? This is the only possible weekend I can plan for this trip.

Have you researched your options, and done so with as much care as you have planned for this trip? For example: Have you checked Have you run Internet searches on the area where you plan to hike (example)? Have you called the diocese in which your hiking trip is located to ask about Catholic services for travelers in that area? If there are possibilities for Mass in the area, have you tried to plan your itinerary around going to Mass (as distinguished from attempting to plug Mass into an already established schedule)?

If you have used due diligence to research your options and plan accordingly, but you still find that there is no possibility that you could go to Mass that weekend, then travel in a remote location is just reason to miss Mass. If you fail to use due diligence, then it may be possible that just reason does not exist because you have not done what you could do to go to Mass.

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