Can I still attend Protestant church celebrations?

After coming back to the Catholic church, I feel that it is best I no longer go to the Protestant church I was attending (an Alliance church) for church services. This is obvious, as they teach different things, and I will be busy going to Mass anyways.

But sometimes this church has Worship nights, and also Women’s Worship nights. For Worship (which I had no idea what that meant growing up as a Catholic), its really just singing - like hymns during Mass. In the time I was going to this Protestant church, they have never once sang a song that contradicted my beliefs or made me question them or made me uncomfortable. I find it quite comforting actually! There is a Worship night coming up - just singing, no church service, as a sort of celebration towards God. Would it be wrong for me to go?

And as for the Women’s night, it is half Worship (singing), and then usually two testimonies of women who have found God and the work he has done in their lives in terms of healing. I have been to one several months ago and found it to be quite rejuvenating. Would it be wrong to go to this as well?

I see no reason not to. It makes you happy and doesn’t contradict the CC, why not?

Surely it is allowed to share people’s experience they have had with God. After all, God is not simply confined to the Catholic church.

best wishes:)

From my experience they won’t approve when they find out you go to a Catholic Church on Sunday.

If you feel comfortable there and you’re not involved in anything the Church wouldn’t allow, then there’s no problem.

If that church teaches something different than what the Catholic Church teaches, why would you go there at all? Beneath the comfortable hymns and welcoming atmosphere lies something at odds with the Catholic Church. Personally, I would recommend that you become more involved in your parish, where you will likely find an atmosphere just as welcoming, and programs and ministries to become involved in that will help you grow stronger in the Faith. And if you do go back to that protestant church, do not receive communion there.

They are “worshiping” a God that you do not believe in if you are Catholic (does their God present Himself body, blood, soul and divinity on their altar on Sunday? NO).

You may feel like you are all there worshiping together, but in reality they are worshiping one thing, and you are worshiping something entirely different. Why would you want to do that? It is misleading to them because it gives the appearance (and scandal) that you agree with what they are worshiping, and it is unfair to you because you are actually with a bunch of people who believe and “worship” heretical ideas.

Just give it up and let it go.


How do you know that? Protestantism is rather broad, and many traditional ones will eagerly disagree

So much for Protestant and Catholic relations . They might as well just be called different religions if it is at this point. Most Protestants agree on what God is, why he came down to us, etc. Does this not split the spiritual church more than needed?

Worship is the Mass. Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. Protestants have a Liturgy of the Word. It may give the impression to those that know you that conversion does not equate to changing. St. Paul on straight street was converted to see things differently, he probably did not return to synagogue.:slight_smile:

Just don’t partake in their communion.

good advice! along with that, try to become involved in serving in the mass such as an Eucharistic minister, usher, lector etc. There are so many ways to become involved that would replace the need to go back. Also, try a Charismatc Catholic group which would have worship services and testimony similar to what you are describing. God Bless, we are all on a journey at different levels.

This is a great idea. I was a lectern for about a year while my daughter served mass. We always scheduled together. I devoted time to reading the planned Scripture and thinking about it and when it came time to do it I found myself ever more involved. Good advice.:slight_smile:

Many moons ago when I was searching I went to some pentecostal and Alliance young adult prayer meetings in Vancouver BC.

When they found I was Catholic I was given some Jack Chick comics on the Catholic Church by some well meaning Alliance Church members.

They either wanted me inside the tent, or they wanted me gone.

Gone is the safe way to go.:cool:

Wow, these answers are all over the place!

That said, I think I will consult with my priest before I ever think of visiting this church, and I will spend more time praying about it.

I do appreciate the replies though, everyone has slightly different views on what our church teaches, so it certainly gives me food for thought.

How do I know that? Seriously? It really does not matter what THEY think. There is only one truth, not many truths. And the fullness of truth resides with the Catholic Church. Period. If they do contain some bits of truth, it is Catholic truth they have, because all Christian truth comes from the only Church founded by Jesus Christ to us through His apostles.

So much for Protestant and Catholic relations . They might as well just be called different religions if it is at this point. Most Protestants agree on what God is, why he came down to us, etc. Does this not split the spiritual church more than needed?

No. There is only one Church, and that is the Catholic Church. The rest are splintered into the tens of thousands of ecclesial communities. And you cannot say that the Protestants agree on much, if that were the case, why are they splintered off all over the place? You can walk down one inner city street and find a dozen store front “churches” all preaching something different. How is this is any way agreement?


Sorry Liza: most of them do agree:

They agree that Catholicism is bad:p


My post about that was because you said that they worshiped a different God. I was asking how you knew such information, especially since it seems to be described the same way as your God.

My post was over the basics of Christianity. All Protestants agree on the major tenets. Even in diverse communities, there is unity in the binding beliefs.

Not really. If you seek out you will find that many disagree on major tenets: baptism, communion, trinity, and more. Their main agreement is that they are protestant and Jesus saved them.

Actually ubcgirl, the answers aren’t so scattered. Notice who is saying it is okay and who is saying no. Most Catholics will tell you it is not a good idea and it can pull you away from the truth.

I have been in your shoes. I am a revert from protestant and evangelical churches. I have kept a couple friends but most began to treat me very distantly when I reverted to Catholicism and the couple of friends I kept and see once in a while like to make little jabs about Catholics on occasion. They have tried many ways to bring me back to the evangelical church with activities, even offering videos about Martin Luther. I have come to realize if I am Catholic (which I came to learn is where the truth is found) that is where I need to focus. Protestants are protesting the truths of the Catholic church.

It is hard but God is leading you home to the Catholic church and He will also bring friends and activities for you in the Catholic church. It is not easy leaving friends but it is best to follow where God is leading you.

God bless.

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