Can I still have a Catholic blessing if I am married to a Mormon?

I am getting married in the states to my mormon fiance in august. what I want to know is if we were to have a civil ceremony by his bishop either at my fiances house or a registry office can we still have a catholic service or blessing after at my church. As I am from Ireland and he will be moving over here after we got married in the states I would like us to be able to do something at my church later on.

Dear friend,

Some countries do not recognize church marriages and insist that the couple be civilly married first. The Catholic Church allows this, but does not consider the couple to be validly married until the couple marries in the Church. So the two are not to live together until the latter wedding. To have intercourse with someone to whom one is not validly married is a mortal sin. Nothing is worth that.

Also, I hope you have agreed upon the faith your children will be brought up in. This needs to be ironed out now—not when the first baby is born. To do otherwise is to court much pain and difficulty. I encourage you to begin marriage preparation classes in a Catholic parish immediately so that you have that behind you in August. I know that this seems difficult to abide by. But it is as worth it as the Lord considered you worth it on Good Friday. You are in our prayers. Feel free to contact me privately by clicking on my name above.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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