Can I still receive Communion after being exposed to film nudity?

Having sustained a rather bad injury and undergone surgery, I am non-ambulatory and home-bound for at least 4 more weeks. Our home parish is a 40 mm. drive away. A local parish has been kind enough to send a Eucharistic minister on Sundays so I could receive communion. They cannot send a priest and I hope I can find an answer here. I watched a film (first time in 5 years) on Amazon. There was a nude scene so I stopped the video and closed the window. The main reason for me to watch this particular film was that it was in my mother tongue (not English). I should have known that things could get nasty but I did not expect full frontal nudity (and I terminated the video when it appeared). Now I realize that I am nevertheless likely to have committed a sin. Normally I would simply go to confession but I cannot for at least 4 more weeks. Can I still receive communion. Thanks!


You didn’t choose to see the nude scene. I don’t see any sin here. So yes; you mar receive Holy Communion on Sunday.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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