can i still receive the communion if catholic and methodist married?

Im a catholic and he is a methodist. It is still a long journey for us to get married but we are seriously committed in our relationship. He already mentions about getting married in the future and i have this one demand that is very important for me as a catholic. I want to marry in a sacred catholic marriage ceremony which i will be receiving the Marriage Sacrament (one of the 7 sacrament). I really want this sacrament as it is seriously so important for me to receive it as a catholic but from what i knew, the marriage sacrament only valid if both are catholics that already been confirmed. I also read somewhere that i still can be married to a non-catholic who has been baptized in a catholic church with the consent from the catholic priest but is it count as valid Marriage Sacrament? I also heard that if i want a marriage mass, he will not receive the communion during the marriage mass since we don’t have the same unity of christianity but how about me? And if we married without him being converted to Catholic, will i still be able to receive the Holy Communion even after the marriage? i mean when i attend every mass after i married, is it still right for me to take the Holy Communion?
The main point are, will i be able to marry a non-catholic (methodist) with me receiving the Sacrament of Marriage of the 7 sacraments and not stopping from taking the Holy Communion even after the wedding in every mass i attend?

A marriage is a sacrament if both parties are validly baptized (regardless of their denomination). A Catholic should have received the sacrament of confirmation prior to marriage but it is not required for a valid sacramental marriage.

When a Catholic wishes to marry a baptized non-Catholic they have two options for the wedding. They can be married in a Catholic church in a Catholic ceremony or they can apply for a dispensation from canonical form and be married in the non-Catholic faith community’s ceremony. If the Catholic is dispensed to be married in another denomination’s ceremony then the marriage is considered a valid sacramental marriage.

Generally speaking, if a Catholic and a non-Catholic are getting married in a Catholic church the marriage takes place without Mass. This is because of the obvious issues with only half the married couple and congregation being able to receive communion. As a Catholic who is validly married you always may receive communion at Mass.

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