Can I still use my King James Bible?


I am a convert to the Catholic Church from a Baptist background. As a Baptist, I used the King James Version of the Bible, and I loved it. Is it all right for me to continue to use this translation as my main Bible?

I realize that most editions of the KJV are missing the deuterocanonicals, but I have Catholics Bibles for when I need to read those. And I know that I need to be careful about any editions with footnotes which may contain errors in them (though most of the editions I have do not really have any footnotes, just the biblical text itself).

It is simply that, due to my background (I was raised on the KJV and have a deep attachment to it), and the fact that it is a translation that is much cheaper and easier for me to get than most, I prefer to use that one, while still recognizing its limitations. (Plus, I find it helpful to use in apologetics discussions).

Would that be all right? Thanks.


I understand your attachment to the King James. When I converted I had a fondness for the New American Standard Bible. But, I soon grew tired of switching to Catholic bibles for the deuterocanonicals, so I decided to stay with the Catholic version.

Since you recognize the limitations of the King James, and you read the Catholic bible, I don’t see why you can’t continue to use your King James Version of the Bible. Please read Jimmy Akin’s article Choosing a Bible Translation.

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