Can I stop confessing this?


I used to attend confession and struggled with how I was confessing things, worried I was omitting on purpose or hiding things, etc. I understand this is scrupulous and I decided a while back that it was an unhealthy way to live. I stopped going to confession altogether a few years ago because I was re-confessing often and couldn’t handle the anxiety.

Now I think I would like to try and go to confession. Here is my question: I have confessed a particular sin from childhood two different times. The first time, I stated it in a general term and did not say that it occurred twice. I worried I was purposefully trying to hide it, so I later went to confession again and was clearer and talked about it specifically with the priest. However when I left, I realized that I didn’t say that it might have happened twice, worrying that again I had ruined my confession. Since then I have dreaded having to say this again in confession to “get it right.”

In good faith, can I forget about this altogether? It is certainly not a sin I struggle with anymore, and in all reality, in retrospect I do not really believe this was a mortal sin but more a matter of circumstance. I do not know if I can handle the anxiety of trying to do it again. Just would like some perspective.

Thank you!


By all means, do not mention it again in Confession.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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