Can I take communion at a Church of England service?


I was born and confirmed a catholic and grew up in the is faith

I have attended mass while living in London with my mother who has since died

there are no catholic churches around me as I live in rural sussex but have attended church with my daughter who is getting married soonin a c of e church, I have had a blessing but not taken the communion

I was married in a register office many years ago and had three children who are all grown up, I still have strong religious beliefs and believe in God but was told by a catholic priest long ago that if i wanted to receive bread I had to write to a Bishop to confess me not marrying in a catholic church and for having 3 children outside ofthe catholic church?, this has put me off returning back to the church as I still belive and my view s have not changed at all

all i want to know is that can I receive the bread as god is one god throughout no matter what church or service… and we all worship him together

I will be very interested in the replies on this as I am just tempted to receive him in my local church which is anglian, they did have catholic services there but due to low attendances it was cancelled

Thank you


The following links should answer your question about receiving Communion at a non-Catholic service. If you have any further questions, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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