can I take communion?

I am a recent convert to Catholicism. I have not been baptized, but I truly believe in transubstantiation, can I still take communion?

If you have converted to Catholicism, then you would’ve been baptized, do you mean you are in RCIA?

I currently attend a Catholic Church… I am not in RCIA, but regularly attend and accept its teachings

No, I’m sorry. Baptism is the sacrament that opens the door to all the other sacraments including the Eucharist. One of the requirements of receiving Holy Communion is being in a state of grace. If you have not been baptized, you are still in the state of original sin. Catholics believe that you must be reborn into the life of Christ through baptism— in other words, we believe that baptism truly cleanses your soul from all personal sin and original sin. In baptism, you receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

If you truly accept the teachings of the Catholic Church, then surely you understand the importance of baptism? Please do join an RCIA class so that you may be properly catechized and receive baptism. Is there something holding you back from RCIA?

PS… Just to be clear, nearly all Christian Baptisms are considered valid in the Church so long as they were done in the proper Trinitarian formula. Are you saying you have not been baptized at all, or just not in the Catholic Church? If you were properly baptized, the Church would not baptize you again, you would simply be received into the Church after you are catechized and make a profession of faith (usually at Easter)

This may help to explain how to get the ball rolling:

The only factors keeping me from attending RCIA is the faxt that my Parents are Protestant and refuse to support my decision financially. For example they refuse to lend me any gas money because that it would be supporting a cause they dont believe in. And no… i have not been baptized into any faith :frowning: keep me in your prayers

My brother in Christ, I welcome you and am happy to hear you accept the teachings of the Church. You should and must take action to formally join the Church!

im thinking of going back to the catholic church , i was baptized in a catholic church when i was a baby but never went through confermation, im now married, how do me and my wife bcome catholic

You are already Catholic. You should go to Confession (to confess, at least, that you have been away from the Church), and you’re good to go. This may possibly be your first confession - that’s OK.

Because your wife is an adult convert (and assuming she has not also been baptized in the Catholic Church), she would normally go through the RCIA program - usually weekly classes that (hopefully) teach people about the Faith. Since you have not been confirmed, I think it would be a good idea for you to also attend these classes to learn this information. And that would be great, because you could be your wife’s sponsor (she will need a sponsor). And it’s possible that you could receive the Sacrament of Confirmation when your wife is admitted to the Church - how cool is that???

Welcome home!

You are already Catholic. To come back to the practice of your faith, you need to go to Confession and get your marriage convalidated. Call the local parish and ask to speak to any priest. He can also tell you about RCIA classes for your wife (and for you as well, if you want, depending on how much you learned as a child), and talk about getting you confirmed as well, but you don’t have to be confirmed to be Catholic.

God bless you and smooth your path back to the Church!


Call your the parish and set up a meeting with your pastor.

Welcome home!

Have a heart to heart with your pastor or the RCIA director. At the very least they could find you a ride.

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