Can I take Communion?

This past Sunday, I was not able to go to Church because I was hunting. However even if I didn’t go hunting,I would not been able to go to a Catholic Church. So can I take communion tonight?

Come to church a little early and ask the PRIEST. Then you’ll know for sure.

A priest who knows your situation would know the answer to this much better than anyone here would, unless they happen to know you, because of the number of factors involved.

The other advantage of talking to a priest is that he can hear your confession if you did in fact sin.

I remember something about this a good while back, so it could very well be wrong, BUT, I thought… the rule of thumb was, if you ate the food, it was not a big deal. There again, intention comes into play.

Though I personally abhor hunting wild game animals for sport, I don’t judge you at all. My guess here is that it would be a venial sin, depending on the circumstances. If you try and fail to contact a Priest about it, or are unable to confess after intending to, I would not let that stop me from taking communion.

If it turned out to be a mortal sin with beforehand knowledge on your part, that might be a different matter. You know how that goes, I am sure.

Go to mass, enjoy your family and Christmas!

Discuss it with your priest. He may have to ask you some questions.

Forming a right conscience and obedience to legitimate authority is a priority.

Christmas blessings to you!


Having started reading these forums and taking note of all the things forums members think are sins I’ve stopped going to communion. Even if I went to confession by the time it came round to go to communion I’d be guilty of some sin or other again. I know what I’ve done wrong and I am truly sorry for it and I’m quite sure God is aware of it just as I’m sure he’s aware that I pray every day and go to church every Sunday. I don’t need to be before a priest to pray so why do I need one to ask for forgiveness?

To the OP I’m quite sure that missing a Sunday service is not the end of the world, if it troubles you then if your like me say your sorry or if your like everyone else go to confession.

If you’ve been reading carefully, then you’re well aware that it is impossible to commit a sin by accident. I hope you aren’t really committing deliberate sin as frequently as all that, and if you are committing venial sins, or you have some annoying bad habits, welcome to the human race - that’s why there is holy water. :wink:

Not enough information to really comment.

However, objectively, if anyone deliberately misses Mass for a leisure activity I would say that is a sin of grave matter.

It sounds like you are pretty poorly catechised. Why don’t you read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you don’t have one here is a free online CCC which has an index so you can search for whatever you are confused about:

was ayou all for answering. I was able to take communion

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