Can I take part in the Eucharist?


I went to confession yesterday. Last night I was trying to comfort my fiancee (who was upset), we ended up being affectionate (snuggling, talking, and kissing). Sometimes I’d kiss her and I’d feel the temptation to want to make out or something, but I’d resist it. I controlled myself, but my mind popped up with temptation to and I admit that I did enjoy the thought of doing it, possibly even allowed the thought to sit in my head a bit, but I didn’t end up doing it (though I did give her a few passionate kisses, since I was so attracted to her/wanting to be more intimate in my kisses rather than just a few pecks).

Obviously the attraction is good, and I’ve got to watch myself to make sure not to give into temptation, but I feel as if I was flirting with sin a bit. :shrug: Just want to make sure I’m A-Okay to take the Eucharist.


Hi Speakkindly,

That does not sound like you sinned in a mortal way to me.


As far I can tell, there was no mortal sin, you recognized where your actions were headed and you stopped yourself. I would just maybe pray for the grace continence and perseverance in chastity.

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