Can I talk about my confession with others?

I know that priest are unable to break to seal of confession under the punishment of excommunication (and the same if I were to talk about something I overheard in athletic persons confession). My question is does this apply to my own confessions as well? Am I able to talk with others about the sins that I confessed or the things I talked with the priest about and the advice I was given? Or is this in itself a sin?
Thank you and God bless!

You’re allowed to talk about it all you want. You can write a book about it or put it on a billboard over Times Square if you like.
(If you’ve noticed, people post on here about stuff that happened in their own confessions all the time…“I said this and the priest said that and was he correct” etc.)

The priest is not allowed to talk about it to others, and anyone who overheard you in there is also not allowed to talk about it to others.


Thank you very much for the help! I didn’t think that it was a problem, but just wanted to double check. Thank you again!

You can, but why?

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