Can I truly love God?



I’ve been on a winding path the past 5 years looking for answers and trying to become stronger in my faith. Most recently I have found myself questioning my love for God. How can one really love another they have never met (literally). I realize that it is my responsibility to read, study, and pray to know God, but I’m finding it very hard to believe that I can love someone without actually having Him right here in front of me. For instance, I did not personally know Mother Teresa, yet I know much about her. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I love her.



Hi cks,

Sure you can love God. You can love Mother Teresa too. You probably know more about her than you know about many people you deal with every day. What you know, you can love. You know far more about God than you realize. Just look at a crucifix. There you will find more love than anywhere else. You will know far more about His love for you than you can know about anyone else’s love for you—no matter how well you think you know that person.

Everything you know anything about is evidence of God’s love. You are quite well prepared to love God. Everything about you has been designed for it. It is why you exist.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O. P.

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