Can I Trust Ewtn!

I was watching the Eucharistic Congress on EWTN and I saw a female wearing vestments and one “bishop” was listening to his
i-Pod! I’m not sure if I can trust them if they promote this! What is a Eucharistic congress anyway?? How can such a good channel program this?

Actually, EWTN is only airing the event. The president of the Eucharistic Congress would be the Archbishop of Quebec.

Well never mind. The alter server robes look odly like priestly vestments! Oh well!

Hi SacredHeartFan,

Just keep in mind that the Eucharistic Congress meeting is a mixing of all kinds of people and bishops from all over, from the clown and puppet crowd to the smells and bells group. As someone has said, EWTN is just airing the event, for it is an important annual event. What goes on there, though, can even surprise the most cautious!

Was he listen to his ipod or a translator?

I saw several people with what look like translators that we use at conferences with many Spanish speaking attendees, and did see one priest fiddling with what looked like a portable microphone. Vestments seemed fine to me, with my limited knowledge, but there did have female servers, which if it is permitted in Quebec is no problem. the Congress is Catholic news and EWTN is covering it as such. they have no say so at all in the guests, planning, liturgies or anything else.

yeah that girl was a server. the server robes just look like a chaseble. (sp?)

What is a Eucharistic Congress?

Here in southern Illinois, our good Mediacom has the wisdom of preventing us poor misguided Papists to fall into the trap of trusting EWTN. A good Catholic in New York who owns the company will not allow ancient and outdated Roman heresy to corrupt our pure, natural desires by providing more channels to rent adult pay-per-view educational programming. Why should I want a channel for prayer and salvation when I have so many channels teaching me about magic cures, improving my manhood, improving my abs, how I can get rich with little work and the beauty of celebrety face cream and jewelry?

Please do many southern Illinois Catholics a favor. Please call our Mediacom’s regional office at 1-417-875-5500 during business hours. Thank them for not letting us be seduced by Catholicism like most other cable companies allow their customers. If you believe otherwise, ask them why they insist on censoring access to EWTN while most others dot.

For a brief description:

For history:

For Faqs from Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

That was my first thought too. A radio for listening to a translator.

Unless of course the earphones were white, the priest was all in silhouette, and he was doing some bizarre dance. Then it was an iPod.

LOL!!! That’s on the back of our youth group tee-shirts!!!

I did notice that they employed the use of female altar servers, which I apparently has been allowed by the local ordinary, which in that case would be deemed acceptable. However I did not notice the vestments for servers being different from those that are used in many parishes today, including my own. They seemed like ordinary server albs, minus the cinture.

I should let you all know that Mediacom cable now carries EWTN in southern Illinois. I should now stop complaining and start thanking them. Thank you, Mediacom, for carrying EWTN.

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