Can I use an electronic app during Mass?

I receive Magnificat and love this publication. However I occasionally forget and leave it on my kitchen counter when I go to Mass. Is it okay use the Laudate app on my phone to read along? I actually retain better and listen better if I read along.

Most parishes stock the pew pockets with missalettes that contain the Scripture readings and the order of the Mass. If you need to read along and don’t have your own missalette with you, then I recommend that you use the missalette provided by the parish. Even if you turn off your phone’s ringer – and people often forget to do this – it can be a cause of scandal to other congregants to see you using your phone during the Mass, even for the otherwise good purpose of following the readings. They could be annoyed to think that someone is not paying attention to the Mass, or they could be led to think that any silent use of a phone (e.g., email, texting, games, etc.) during Mass is legitimate. It is highly doubtful that all who see you staring at your phone during the Mass will know that you are just following the readings on an electronic application.

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