Can I use incense sticks in my icon corner

As I said in my previous post, I wanted to have a byzantine prayer life while being a Latin catholic. Currently there are no powdered incense in my place. Can I use an incense stick or is a candle enough (There are no vigil lamps here)

“Enough” for what?

You don’t really need incense sticks or candles in your icon corner.

These externals aren’t really that important. They’re good for “setting the mood” for prayer, but they aren’t essential for prayer. The only essential for prayer is learning to descend with your mind into your heart, where you can be present to the Lord Who is present in you.


Why not? Although I’d have the priest bless the incense first before using it.

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In India we usually use incense sticks and candles

You can but they’re usually not as healthy as burning traditional granulated incense.

Depends on where you buy them and be careful not to buy Santeria ones like seven powers of Africa or that sort of thing.


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